5000 Kent Treble Bob Royal (no. arr)

J W Holdsworth (no. arr)
23456    M   W   H
42356            -
53246        2   2
46325    -   2   2
25463    2   -
34562    -       -
24365    2
Call 4ths place bob before in any course to bring 7-8-9-0 into course.
Call 8ths place bob home at a plain 'home' to bring them home.
Note, the observation bell is NOT the tenor during this section.
First rung with 4ths place bob in first course and 8ths place bob at end of peal.
May contain big tittums course depending on arrangement, otherwise a couple of 65432 courses is all the music there is!
For Handbells

Rung at Leeds, Headingley, 11 St Chad's Drive on 18th November 2009, conducted by James Holdsworth.